Bopcap Books T/A The Bopcap Book Boutique
The Old Police Station
(Next to Levenshulme Antiques Village)
963 Stockport Road
Manchester M19 3NP

Open: Thursdays (11am – 5pm), Fridays (11am – 5pm), Saturdays (10am – 5pm), Sundays (11am – 4pm)
Bopcap Books offers, for sale, a carefully curated collection of previously-owned books and ephemera (posters, magazines etc), in the following areas; art, photography, design, pop culture, vintage children's books and illustration, cinema, fashion, the occult and esoterik, cult fiction, beat lit, crime noir, graphic novels and pulp fiction.

The name, ‘Bopcap’ is taken from a tract penned in 1968 by two Greenwich Village feminists in support of SCUM Manifesto author, Valerie Solanas, following her arrest for the shooting of Andy Warhol.

In it, Solanas is described as ‘the sweet assassin… a tough chick with a bopcap and a .38’ (in actual fact it was a .22 which coupled with the fact that Solanas was a poor shot, probably goes some way in explaining why Warhol survived the attack).

Regardless, given that the subsequent framing of Solanas’ violent crime as avant garde ‘art event’ by both her immediate supporters and the wider media, carries with it echoes of the dystopian themes of hyperreality explored by writers such as Anthony Burgess, JG Ballard, Jean Baudrillard William Burroughs and others, we felt that the word ‘Bopcap’ encapsulated something of our own personal interests in underground literature and avant garde art and design. Which, in turn, is something you’ll find reflected in our regular blog postings, focusing largely on book design and cover art.