Hate by Hank Janson (Alexander Moring Ltd /  1958)
Hate by Hank Janson (Alexander Moring Ltd /  1958)
Alexander Moring Ltd (1958)

Hate by Hank Janson

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Hate by Hank Janson (Alexander Moring Ltd /  1958)

Hank Janson was both the fictional character and a pseudonym created by the English author, Stephen Daniel Frances, though the name was later used by other authors to produce novels in the Janson series. Hank Janson was perhaps the most popular and successful British pulp fiction author of the 1940s and 1950s, his books being violent 'pseudo-American' thrillers sold in their millions and caused controversy because of their violence and racy covers.'

Paperback in fair-to-good condition with some loosening of binding on opening pages (can be glued back) and heavy wear to spine and to a lesser extent, front and back cover. Faint, musty smell possibly due to damp storage at some point. Still, worth it for the cover alone which depicts a half-naked lady with a disconcertingly muscular back. 

Pages: 160

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